Sunday School

Meet the Owl Babies, Rainbow Rebels & the Power Owls: a group of highly motivated and creative young people!

Sunday School Teachers

Our Sunday School Teachers: Izzie, Lucy, Craig & Sarah

Welcome to Ullet Road Unitarian Church's Sunday School!

Are you seeking a nurturing spiritual community for your family? Look no further! At Ullet Road, we offer an inclusive, open-minded, and progressive Sunday School environment where children and families from all backgrounds are warmly welcomed.

Our Sunday School programme is as diverse as the families we serve. Rooted in Unitarian values, our curriculum includes explorations into a variety of religious, cultural, and secular traditions. Children have the opportunity to learn about and celebrate key Christian, Hindu, and Buddhist festivals, Pagan rituals, as well as secular observances like International Day of Justice and Women's Day, and much more!

Our vibrant community events are a highlight for our young Unitarians. From our Water and Flower Communion services, symbolizing the beauty of unity in diversity, to our annual Pride Service, these events provide enriching experiences for children and adults alike.

We also engage in hands-on activities such as arts and crafts, theatrical performances, debates, and interactive workshops. We delve into the engaging stories of notable Unitarian figures and create space for children to express themselves artistically and intellectually.

Joining our congregation means becoming a part of the Rainbow Rebels, a group of young Unitarians committed to creating a more loving and just world. They learn values such as empathy, respect, and community service, all in a supportive and affirming environment.

At Ullet Road Unitarian Church, we honour the unique spiritual journey of each family. We strive to provide a community where your family can grow spiritually, emotionally, and socially, surrounded by love and acceptance.

Come join us this Sunday – we are eager to welcome you to our community! For more information please email Phil on

Our leaders take an artistic and child-led approach to support individuality, self-expression and creativity. Over the years, we have formed a beautiful and supportive network of families, who connect within and outside of our church walls. Ullet Road invites children, young people, and their grown ups to explore their values, nurture their inner artist and be of service to others.

Meet the Owl Babies, Rainbow Rebels & the Power Owls

The Power Owls (10+ years)

Led by local artist and children's practitioner, Lucy Fiori

Meet during Sunday Service. They make, debate, build friendships and change the world! Click here to read a poem they wrote together.

Meet the Owl Babies, Rainbow Rebels & the Power Owls

The Rainbow Rebels (6-9 years)

Led by local artists and children's practitioners Izzie Major and Sarah Gould

Meet during Sunday Service AND on Thursdays, after school. They explore self-expression and empathy through the Arts. Click here to find out more and to see some of their beautiful creations.

The Rugrats (0-5 years)

The Owl Babies (0-5 years)

Led by local artist and children's practitioner, Craig Sinclair.

Music/storytelling/rhyme time/games/art. Free play.

The older of the Owl Babies are invited to join the Rainbow Rebels in their focused project work.

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Here is an article about some recent Sunday School activity: Our Super Sunday School Kids!

Izzie Major

Izzie Major

Rainbow Rebel Leader, Wedding Co-ordinator, Wedding Team

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Sarah Gould

Sarah Gould

Rainbow Rebel Leader, Wedding Team

Lucy Fiori

Lucy Fiori

Rainbow Rebel Leader

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Craig Sinclair

Rainbow Rebel Leader, Wedding Team