Blessings and Baptisms

We are not bound by religious rules and customs and so can offer a personal ceremony to welcome the birth of a new child into the family.

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Welcome to a unique celebration of life at the Ullet Road Church, where we cherish each child as an individual soul, filled with infinite potential and possibility. It is our profound belief that each birth represents a new dawn, a new hope, and a distinct journey. Our Blessings and Baptisms ceremonies aren't tied down by rigid religious protocols, but rather, are enveloped in the warmth of community, the beauty of individuality, and the shared commitment of love and support.

Each ceremony - be it a Naming, Dedication, Blessing, Thanksgiving, or Baptism - symbolizes not just a traditional rite, but the embarking of a lifelong journey of discovery, growth, and personal development for your child. Our approach emphasizes the significance of every child's individuality and acknowledges the essential role that the community, parents, and friends play in nurturing their journey.

These ceremonies are highly personalized, resulting from thoughtful discussions with you, the child's parents. Our minister, Philip, works in collaboration with you to shape a ceremony that reflects your hopes, your beliefs, and your dreams for your child. This ensures that the ceremony becomes a distinctive, tailor-made celebration, resonating with your child's unique spirit.

In terms of scheduling, we are flexible and respectful of your needs. Whether you prefer the embracing atmosphere of our Sunday Service, or a more intimate gathering at a time that suits your family and friends, we are committed to making this beautiful occasion memorable for all.

Our Blessings and Baptisms are not merely ceremonies; they are heartfelt commitments to welcome your child into a supportive, loving community. They stand as a promise by us all to accompany your child through every milestone, every challenge, every triumph they will encounter in their path of life.

So, step into the Ullet Road Church, where we honour individuality, celebrate life, and foster a thriving community of love, support, and guidance. Let's embark together on this beautiful journey of nurturing your child's unique path, creating an unforgettable celebration of life, love, and new beginnings.

The ceremony may be called a Naming, Dedication, Blessing, Thanksgiving Ceremony or Baptism. What is important for us is the commitment by the community, as well as the parents and friends, to offer the child love and support through their journey growing up. The form and content of the ceremony will depend on discussions between the child's parents and Philip. The resulting ceremony will be something unique to that child. The ceremony can be performed during the Sunday Service or at a time suitable for the family, friends, and Minister.

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