Social Action

Ullet Road Church has supported various organisations and charities in its years.

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From supporting Green Peace, Amnesty International Liverpool, Friends of Palestine, the creation of the first ever refugee football team in the United Kingdom, raising funds for an orphanage in Sierra Leone, raising funds for a horse and pony sanctuary in north Liverpool, Pancreatic Cancer UK, the LGBT community in Liverpool, Asylum Link Merseyside, KIND an organisation that supports families in Liverpool living in financial difficulty and supporting young artists in Liverpool.

During Christmas 2021 the Rainbow Rebels and the Power Owls raised £500 for the support of a girl’s orphanage in Sierra Leone. The children put on a performance, ran a raffle and table sale to raise the money.

From 2018 to 2021 Ullet Road Church founded the first refugee football team, called the Ullet Road Church Rebels FC. It was wonderful initiative that was led by Chris Allen and Phil Waldron.

Ullet Road Church helps and supports various charities by subsidising the use of the hall so they can raise maximum funds for worth while causes, such causes have been:

  • Refugee women groups
  • Friends of Palestine
  • Liverpool Irish Community
  • Asylum link Merseyside
  • Horse and Pony Sanctuary