Unitarians, at their very core, cherish the rich tapestry of humanity and its diverse beliefs. In our recognition of the unique essence of each person, we hold firmly to the belief that everyone is free to chart their own spiritual journey, in life and in death. A Unitarian funeral, therefore, is a sincere and poignant reflection of the individual's life journey and their personal beliefs, shunning the imposition of unsuitable sentiments or doctrines on their memory or loved ones.

Our approach begins with an intimate, bespoke meeting where we listen to your stories, memories, and wishes. We endeavour to know more about your loved one's beliefs, passions, achievements, and even their quirks. We also pay heed to your spiritual needs and those of the mourners. This meeting forms the cornerstone of our personalized service, as it guides us in creating a ceremony that truly honours the memory of the deceased.

At Ullet Road Church, a place steeped in history and resounding with the echoes of countless lives honoured before, we tailor-make the service with the utmost care. With your input, we craft a service that encapsulates your loved one's essence. From carefully chosen readings, poetry, music, and symbols that have meaning to your loved one, to eulogies that capture their life's journey and the impressions they've left on the world - every element is meticulously chosen and thoughtfully presented.


We foster an environment of openness and understanding, where mourners are encouraged to express their grief, gratitude, or personal tributes in ways they find most cathartic. We are committed to embracing diverse traditions, philosophies, and rituals, while remaining true to our Unitarian principles of love, compassion, and respect.

Ultimately, we seek to honour your loved one's individuality in a deeply touching and meaningful ceremony that feels both right and natural. It is our sincerest hope that through this open, thoughtful approach, we can bring comfort and solace to those grappling with loss and create a memorable celebration of life that truly embodies the spirit of the departed. We are here to guide and support you during this time, committed to honouring the life of your loved one in a way that echoes their unique song in the symphony of life."

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