Unitarians view marriage as the holy joining of two people in an act of commitment, love and celebration.


Ullet Road Unitarian Church is happy to marry couples seeking a spiritual, individual, unique, alternative, or traditional ceremony.

If you want a wedding that reflects your values and beliefs, then we may be the right place for you. Unitarian weddings reflect the ethos of Unitarianism but there are no set patterns, and our minister will work with each individual couple to create a ceremony that is right for you. Couples are actively encouraged to decide the form of language and the elements to be included in the ceremony.

There are no tests of faith you must pass to be married with us. If you are divorced, this is no problem for us. If you are a mixed-religion couple, or one or both of you are atheist or humanist, this is no problem for us. Our wedding ceremonies are spiritual, but we understand spirituality in a broad and inclusive way. We can include material from different religions, or from secular sources too. You do not need to be a Unitarian to marry in our Church. However, we do ask that you attend some of our services, as it's important you get to know the religious community in which you're going to get married.

Unitarian services involve many of the elements normally associated with church weddings. They may entail the exchange of vows and rings. They might also include prayers and music. But they begin with the commitment to create something that is right for each couple.

Ullet Road Church is registered for same-sex marriages. If you are a same-sex couple and want a church wedding, then we are happy to provide this. Unitarians have long supported gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights, and we are more than happy to provide ceremonies for all couples.


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Ullet Road Church is thrilled to announce our position as finalists in the 2023 County Brides Wedding Awards. It's a significant honour to contribute to the most cherished and sacred day of a couple's life and we are gratified to be acknowledged as a church that values and supports wedding ceremonies and celebrations.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our dedicated Wedding Team, arranged here in alphabetical order: Christian, Craig, Hayley, Izzie, Kay, Nikki, Rod, Sarah, and Viki. Izzie, Viki and the Rev. Phil Waldron will represent us at the award ceremony on Wednesday, 14th June 2023. Their tireless efforts have brought us this recognition and we're truly grateful for their commitment and devotion.

Viki Rose Goulden

Viki Goulden

Church Administrator, Wedding Co-ordinator, Wedding Team

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Izzie Major

Izzie Major

Rainbow Rebel Leader, Wedding Co-ordinator, Wedding Team

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