Wellness Day

2 Apr 2023

In the enchanting embrace of Ullet Road Church, a heartwarming gathering unfolded, graced with the delicate notes of music, the warmth of friendship, and the delightful aroma of a scrumptious chickpea curry. Amidst the array of herbal teas, the air hummed with the soothing vibrations of yoga, gong baths, and harmonious song. Tarot readings unveiled mystical insights, while skilled hands offered the gentle touch of massage and reflexology. The Singing Mamas captivated the heart, their voices weaving a tapestry of love and connection with their little ones.

Wellness Day

The church blossomed with an array of holistic wonders, each corner radiating a tender energy. Handcrafted socks adorned the various stalls, which encircled the hall, creating a space for heartfelt interactions. The stage came alive as the over-50s Dancing Group gracefully performed a dance from Cabaret, "And All That Jazz," while She Medicine serenaded the audience with soul-stirring melodies.

A more serene atmosphere prevailed within the church itself, where meditative and contemplative services took place. Gong baths, singing, and a touching service by Rev. Phil Waldron invited us to contemplate the Mother God and the feminine presence in our lives. This magical day spanned from 11 am to 4 pm, but the enchantment lingered long after.

A profusion of gratitude is owed to Viki Goulden, the gracious orchestrator of this wondrous event, and to Kay Orlova, who poured her heart and soul into the kitchen. We also extend our deepest appreciation to Rod, a shining beacon of support for Viki and Kay, and to Jess, John, and Yohana, who generously lent their efforts to tidying up.

With hearts full of anticipation, we eagerly await our second Wellness Day, to be held in late September or early October. The exact date is yet to be unveiled, much like the treasures that await us on that beautiful day.


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