The Minister, The Witch, and Ullet Road Church

Craig and Izzie

16 Oct 2023

In the hallowed halls of Ullet Road Church, an enchanting wedding ceremony unfolded—a harmonious blend of tradition and nature, of reverence and magic. It's always a privilege to be an integral part of a couple's special day, but when that couple is woven into the very fabric of our community, it elevates the experience to another realm. Enter Izzie and Craig, our cherished couple, whose love story took center stage that day.

Their intimate ceremony, deeply rooted in pagan rituals, echoed with the spirit of Mother Earth and the celestial dance of the cosmos. To ensure this ethereal ambiance, Rev. Phil Waldron invited Viki Goulden, a dedicated Pagan Witch, to join him in officiating. Viki's profound connection to the Earth and its elements brought a vibrant energy to the ceremony.

Together, the Minister and the Witch, flanking Izzie and Craig, orchestrated a service of profound depth and meaning. Loved ones stepped forward to share heartfelt readings of love. The elemental rituals, imbued with intentions of love and protection, enveloped the couple. A candle, symbolizing both memory and love, was passed among those gathered, each offering their blessings and hopes for the newlyweds.

As the ceremony reached its zenith, the congregation's voices soared in unison, singing "The Whole of the Moon." But the enchantment didn't end within the church walls. Outside, the couple embraced the age-old tradition of jumping over the broom, a symbolic gesture steeped in history and tradition. The act of jumping over the broom symbolizes a sweeping away of the past, a clearing of any remnants of old hurts, misunderstandings, and obstacles. As they soar over the broom, Izzie and Craig also leap into a future shimmering with promise and prosperity. It's a poignant moment of transition, of leaving behind what was and embracing what will be.

This ancient rite resonates deeply with the ethos of the ceremony—honouring traditions, acknowledging the power of symbols, and most importantly, underscoring the journey of love and commitment. For Izzie and Craig, this leap was more than just a ritual; it was a physical and spiritual declaration of their intent to face the future hand in hand, heart entwined with heart.

In conclusion, the wedding of Izzie and Craig at Ullet Road Church was more than just a union of two souls—it was a beautiful fusion of traditions, beliefs, and love. With the Minister and the Witch guiding the ceremony, and the community bearing witness, it was a day of profound significance. A day where love was not just spoken but deeply felt, where traditions were not just observed but cherished. As they begin their journey as a married couple, may the magic and love of that day forever light their path.


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