Nuptial Notes and Baby Bells: A Joyful Symphony at Ullet Road Church

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16 Jul 2023

In the comforting embrace of Ullet Road Church, Jon and Leah tied the knot in a ceremony peppered with surprises. A classic hymn, "Abide With Me," echoed through the church, a nod to Queen Elizabeth II's wedding and a delightful diversion from traditional wedding tunes.

A near-mishap occurred as a friend, chosen to recite the Apache Blessing, almost took an unscheduled tumble down the steps, saved only by his unexpected agility. Laughter rang out, adding a layer of lighthearted warmth to the solemn air.

The couple's 'last kiss/first kiss' ritual, where the bride and groom's mothers bid goodbye to their single children and welcomed them into married life, evoked tears and smiles alike. The balance of the ceremony was restored as the hymn "All Things Bright and Beautiful" brought a warm, comforting glow to the congregation.

Then, amid the euphoria of the post-nuptial celebrations, Jon and Leah announced their expected addition. Leah was pregnant! A moment of stunned silence gave way to resounding applause and cheers. The joyous news elevated the day's merriment, transforming a wedding celebration into a dual festivity, honouring both the union of two hearts and the anticipated arrival of a new life. A truly unforgettable day at Ullet Road Church, marking a unique love story and the start of a new family tale.


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