Honouring Izzie: Celebrations and Transitions at Ullet Road Church

Izzie and Lisa

13 Sep 2023

Last week, Ullet Road Church was graced with the joyous celebrations of two beautiful weddings. Sean and Glenna exchanged their vows within our sacred walls before heading to Prescot to continue their festivities. Meanwhile, Tom and Miranda chose to have both their ceremony and celebrations right here in the church. We extend our heartiest blessings to both couples, wishing them a life filled with love and understanding.

Pictured above are Izzie and Lisa, with Izzie to the left. This marked Izzie’s final wedding in her role as wedding coordinator for Ullet Road Church. I want to express profound gratitude for her unwavering dedication and invaluable contributions. Izzie consistently demonstrated meticulous attention to detail, a serene demeanour during unforeseen challenges, and a warmth that could melt the coldest heart! We're fortunate that Izzie will remain involved with our weddings, albeit in a reduced capacity. Today, we honour and thank Izzie for her years of devotion and for enhancing the beauty of our ceremonies at Ullet Road Church.


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