Baptism at Ullet Road Church

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18 Apr 2024

On Sunday, 14th April 2024, at 1:30 PM, Ullet Road Church was filled with joy and community spirit as we gathered for the baptism of twin girls, Esha and Celeste Keough. Two years ago, I had the privilege of baptizing their older brother, Soul, and several years before that, I officiated the wedding of their parents, Cassia and Jamie, in this very church in 2018. It was an honour to conduct the baptism for Esha and Celeste, marking my first experience with a twin baptism.

A special part of the service involved exploring the spiritual meanings of their names. Esha, a name resonating with desire, beauty, and purity, represents the joy and essence of life's pleasures and is one of the many beautiful names of Goddess Parvati. Celeste, meaning heavenly, embodies grace, beauty, and purity, suggesting a life touched by divine inspiration. These names reflect the unique identities of the twins while highlighting their interconnected paths.

Another joyous part of the service was led by Rachel Hilton, who runs Holistic Harmonies, a mother and child singing group. Rachel led a deeply spiritual song about the light entering our beings. Friends and family gathered in a circle as Rachel conducted a harmonious spiritual chant about love, family, and connection.

The celebration continued afterward in the hall, filled with laughter, stories, and blessings for Esha and Celeste's journey ahead.


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