A Joyful Union at Ullet Road Church: The Wedding of Roberto and Lee

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26 Jul 2023

On the rainy afternoon of 26th July 2023, a wonderful union was celebrated at Ullet Road Church, a beacon of Unitarian faith. The love between Roberto and Lee was made eternal as they committed themselves to one another in a ceremony that beautifully embodied their unique relationship and their shared faith.

As the clock struck 3pm, guests filled the charming sanctuary, traveling from as far as Stoke and Mexico to witness the two members of Ullet Road Church embark on their shared journey. Leading the service was the our friend the Rev. Phil Waldron.

Rev. Phil greeted the guests with a warm and welcoming discourse. The mention of Josiah Wedgwood, the famous potter who was also a Unitarian, subtly reminded everyone of the rich and diverse heritage of the Unitarian tradition. Though Roberto's Mexican lineage didn't provide an immediate link to Unitarianism, Rev. Phil skillfully bridged the cultural gap, sharing his knowledge with the gathering in a way that felt both thoughtful and inclusive.

A poignant and serene atmosphere filled the church as the service began with the resonant strains of Pachelbel's Canon in D. The gifted organist, Dr. Colin Porter, then smoothly transitioned the melody to the delightful surprise of the Jurassic Park theme by John Williams. This unexpected twist brought an air of joy and lightheartedness that further highlighted the individuality of Roberto and Lee's union.

The traditional structure of the service was marked by beautiful hymns, "Morning Has Broken" and "All Things Bright and Beautiful", which were sung fervently by the congregation. In a tender ritual, "The Last Kiss Before the First Kiss", both mothers approached their sons to give them a final kiss as single men before they united in matrimony. It was an emotional and moving moment that will be etched in the hearts of all present.

Throughout the ceremony, Roberto's brother provided thoughtful translations from English to Spanish, making sure every loving word and sentiment was shared by all attendees. This beautiful display of multicultural unity was one of the highlights of the service.

The ceremony had another unforgettable moment when Lee's grandmother proudly entered the chancel as the ring bearer. Her walk was met with a heartwarming round of applause, a testament to the love and respect this family matriarch commanded among the guests.

In the heart of Ullet Road Church, Roberto and Lee's wedding was a remarkable celebration of love, unity, and the diverse tapestry of the Unitarian community. We wish them a future filled with joy, growth, and the enduring love they so beautifully demonstrated on this memorable day.


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