Our Super Sunday School Kids!

100 Years of Flower Communion Service

7 Jun 2023

Every Sunday, the children will respond to the theme of that week's service. Here are some of the things they've been up to lately.

100 Years of Flower Communion Service

Flower Communion Service

To celebrate 100 Years of Flower Communion Service, the Sunday School made 'community promise flowers'. The children discussed things they hope other people will do for their community. Then they made their own promises and handed them out to members of the congregation.

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Summer Solstice

The Rainbow Rebels played an imagination game and 'visited the sun'. They created characters and a Sun Story. They delivered messages to the people of Earth about the sun. They discussed how we should protect ourselves from the sun by taking care of the Earth, but also how we should celebrate the sun, the life and the light it brings us all!

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The children explored the feeling jealousy. We discussed moments we've felt jealousy. Then we drew what we think the feeling would look like if it had a body. We came up with our own 'tool' for when we feel overwhelmed with jealousy. The children put their hands on their hearts and said, "I am kind and I am enough".

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